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About Rebekah McVitie

Rebekah is an artist who breathes new life into the forgotten remnants of the past through her unique practice of collecting, reusing, and repurposing discarded sea glass. Nestled near the picturesque shores of the Firth of Forth, she scours the beaches and beyond for fragments of history hidden in the form of sea glass.

Her creative journey unfolds in the meticulous art of lampworking, where she employs her custom style to craft exquisite glass beads. Each piece she creates is more than a mere ornament; it is a tangible fragment of bygone eras. Rebekah's discerning eye allows her to identify the origin of each shard, whether it be a Victorian medicine vial, an Edwardian beer bottle, a 1920s cosmetic pot, or a Vitrolite tile. These diverse pieces of history come together harmoniously, side by side, in the form of stunning mementos that evoke the spirit of the beach where they were discovered.

Rebekah's work transcends the boundaries of traditional jewelry-making, transforming sea glass into more than just accessories. Her creations tell stories of a time gone by, inviting wearers to carry a piece of history with them. In her hands, discarded fragments find a new purpose, and each necklace becomes a testament to the beauty that can emerge from the past. Through her art, Rebekah not only showcases her mastery of lampworking but also fosters a deep appreciation for the inherent charm and historical significance encapsulated in every carefully chosen shard.

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